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Involved with art and architecture since birth, she was raised in a co-operative community established in the 1930’s, based on the Bauhaus Movement and designed by Louis Kahn.
Her teenage years were spent in the Middle East and Europe, where she graduated from the International School in Geneva, Switzerland.
After studying architecture at Cornell University and interior design at UCLA, she worked for several firms in Los Angeles and Santa Barbara, specializing in large commercial projects, including hotels, museums and country clubs.
After the birth of her son, she established ARCHITECTURE BEFRIENDING CHILDREN, specializing in environments for children, including Santa Barbara Waldorf School and classrooms and a master plan for Montecito Union School.
Since receiving her Master’s degree from California College of the Arts, she has expanded the emphasis of her practice to include sustainable design and enlightened environments for home, business, school and community as well as the IMAGINE PLAYSHOPS.

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